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Our patients get the most significant level of care without the delay and disappointment of being passed on to various locations. Your exam will cover all parts of your health. Numerous patients conduct their yearly physical and routine tests with Dr. Nourparvar. Our assessments can recognize early illnesses normal tests miss. Executive physical exams are essentially unique in relation to normal physical tests. They’re not driven by the time or the peril of an insurance agency who contains control over the healthcare system. They are rather intended to convey results with a personalized perspective. During an Executive Physical Exam, Dr. Nourparvar takes the time (as much time entailed) to dig into each person’s wellbeing and health objectives.

What is an executive physical?

What is an executive physical?
Executive physicals, offered at Dr. Nourparvar’s office, are 1-day tests that consist of an assortment of testing and blood work. Not similar to your typical yearly test, an executive physical, incorporates extra testing that isn’t normally covered by insurance agencies. This permits you to invest more energy with the doctor to voice worries without feeling surged. Most practices that offer executive physicals accept cash which permits them to give the patient an exact cost for their administrations, meaning no unexpected bills!

How long does it take for an executive physical?
Nearly all executive physicals require 1 day to complete all exams. Some test results for executive physicals will be accessible that very day and others will be accounted for not long after the test, either by means of telephone, electronically, or during an in-person follow up. There are some executive physicals that can last from 2-3 days relying upon the quantity of tests and the patient who is performing the test.

Why should you have an executive physical rather than a regular physical?
Most standard physicals are centered around treatment of side effects. Executive physicals can search for issues past those displaying side effects, including conversations about deterrent medication, and can give tranquility of mind to the patient. The extent of an executive physical is commonly a lot more extensive than a standard one. Medical advice differs on the adequacy of such wide-running tests and a portion of these tests may not be viable in screening patients who don’t display symptoms.

How does Executive Physicals work for businesses?
An Executive physical is a thorough one-day assessment that is customized to a bustling business leader’s timetable, way of life, and wellbeing concerns. Numerous organizations have been adding executive physicals for senior or top workers as an instrument to improve beneficially and draw in skillful candidates. Any organization who has staff or board that are vital to the business and need to guarantee that they will be accessible for work. A few components of an executive physical may vary from a regular workforce physical because of what the particular worker is entrusted with. For example, there might be an emphasis given to how to get ready for and recuperate from global travel, or how to viably work across various time regions, furthermore standard evaluations identified with diet and way of life. Executive physicals can assist organizations with guaranteeing progression and maintenance across all parts of their business.

What does an Executive Physical Exam Contain?

  • An extensive clinical examination combined with social, and medical history survey
  • A complete precaution and evaluating test for the early detection of cancer, coronary illness and other genuine wellbeing concerns
  • Complete lab testing, including cholesterol screening, blood checks, chemistry panels to assess organ function, and urinalysis.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Colonoscopy
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Hearing Screening
  • A lifestyle evaluation to examine your process to deal with nourishment, stress control, sleep, liquor, tobacco and drug use.
  • A full report of your test results and a composed report sent to your home (and your doctor, upon demand)
  • Pain Treatment
  • Cosmetics
  • Men’s and Women’s Health and Hormones
  • Osteopathic Evaluation
  • Recommendations and discounts on cutting edge treatments in these areas.

Why It’s Important to Get an Annual Physical
Visiting your doctor for a physical is quite possibly the main advances you can take to guarantee a long period of good health. In any case,  if you’re feeling good, this preventive medical service step can get pushed behind family, profession and home obligations. Yearly physicals are standard tests that assess your entire body’s wellbeing. They give a chance to recognize changes in your body that could prompt unexpected problems, allowing you an opportunity to make way of life changes to keep yourself as healthy as could really be expected. Recognizing hazard factors right on time, before they cause illness, makes treatment more viable. Dr. Nourparvar underlines excellent consideration and builds an individual relationship with you even when your bustling life makes it trying to put your well being first. Dr. Nourparvar works with you to make your life simpler and provides top care for his patients.

Why Dr. Nourparvar?
An average primary care doctor generally sees up to 40 patients a day and is undermined by time which is their main consideration. It’s fundamental to associate with a doctor who completely comprehends your well being and sets aside the effort to assist you with any needs or problems you may have. Dr. Nourparvar specifies exams based on gender, health concerns, addiction concerns, and pre- existing health conditions. Many men and women have only been aware of standard exams and do not know of this option, but Executive Physical Exams are available in Los Angeles with Dr. Nourparvar to put in the time for excellent care.

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Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar

Dr. Nourparvar has special affiliation with CHLA, Cedar Sinai, White Memorial & other major institutions.  Dr. Nourparvar is a diplomat of Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians & Licensed by the Medical Board of California Physician & Surgeons. His ability to speak four languages, along with a calm, friendly, & professional demeanor allows him to relate to patients for the most comfortable experience.

Dr. Nourparvar has experience in this field for more than 10 years, treating numerous patients in clinics and hospitals. 

Prestigious Awards

Dr. Nourparvar is the recipient of the prestigious UCLA Vice Provost Award and also the recipient of the Vice Provost Prize for the best research article of the year in the UCLA Science Journal. He is also the recipient of the Motif Award for advancement of health sponsored by Wald Disney Co. Dr. Nourparvar was also Awarded the 2016 Top Performing PACE Provider in Clinical Quality in Altamed.

Superior Education

Dr. Nourparvar is a graduate of Pacific Hospital of Long Beach were he completed his residency in Family Medicine. Dr. Nourparvar attended medical school in New York College of Osteopathic Medicine after graduating from UCLA undergraduate school.


He has many years of experience working in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, treating high risk & Geriatric population with multiple chronic medical problems.  He is very well experienced in best managing chronic problems like diabetes, chronic kidney disease and heart disease.   He is also many years of experience working in Healthcare Partners Urgent cares and is very well experienced in treating acute sicknesses.

He is experienced in new and effective treatments in  anti-aging for both men and women and also in the best pain management & treatment techniques.  He takes pride in restoring health, youth & function to numerous patients over the years.


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