On January 12, 2021, CDC declared an Order requiring all air travelers showing up to the US from an outside nation, to get tested up to 3 days before their flight and to submit the negative result or documentation of having recuperated from COVID-19 prior to loading onto the flight. Air travelers will likewise be needed to affirm that the data they present is valid as a confirmation.

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Do I require a COVID test to fly? 
In case you’re hoping to travel globally, most nations are requiring, inside a particular time window, that voyagers present a negative PCR test report from an authorized or endorsed area.

What sort of COVID test would be advisable for me to take? 
Right now, CDC doesn’t have a testing necessity for outbound voyagers, however suggests that you get tried with a viral test (NAAT or antigen) 1-3 days before you travel globally. Voyagers should check with international destinations for their entrance prerequisites.

Where can I get tested?
Dr. Nourparvar’s office can furnish you with the most recent data on testing and what you would have to do to obtain the negative credentials needed for flying.

How long until I get my results? 
If you intend to travel universally, you should get tested close to 3 days before you travel via air into the United States (US) and show your negative results to the carrier before you get onto your flight, or be ready to show documentation of recuperation (evidence of a up to date positive viral test and a letter from your medical care provider or a health official expressing that you were cleared to travel).

Would I be able to get a rapid test? 
Rapid tests are admissible as long as they are a viral test satisfactory under the Order.

Do I require a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 if I have had a COVID-19 vaccine or have tested positive for antibodies? 
As of now all air travelers venturing out to the US,  despite vaccination or antibody status, are needed to give a negative COVID-19 test outcome or documentation of recuperation.

What occurs in the event that I test positive? 
Individuals should seclude themselves and postpone their trip if symptoms are present or a pre-flight test result is positive until they have recuperated from COVID-19. Aircrafts will decline to board any individual who doesn’t present a negative test result for COVID-19 or documentation of recuperation.

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